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HeadsUp Debates

28 September - 16 October 09

Climate Change

How should the world summit tackle the problem?

23 November - 11 December 09

The Economy

What went wrong?

1 March - 19 March 10

Sex Education

Do you get enough?

26 April -
14 May 10

The General Election

Who would get your vote?

21 June -
9 July 10

Politics and Politicians

What needs to change?


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Welcome to HeadsUp

What's HeadsUp all about?

Puff Gen Meet

HeadsUp is a moderated, online space for under 18s to debate the political issues important to them. Young people share viewpoints with their peers and decision-makers up and down the country.

Through the forums, HeadsUp develops young people's political awareness and promotes active citizenship so they can play an effective part in the democratic processes that affect them.

HeadsUp enables politicians to consult with young people, to find out their ideas, experiences and opinions. There is ample background information to prepare students for debates as well as teachers’ notes and activities.

The site is run by the  cross party, independent and politically neutral Hansard Society, with sponsorship for the 2008 - 09 academic year from the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) and the House of Commons.

Reactions to HeadsUp

Check out the positive reactions to HeadsUp from young people, MPs and teachers. Read all about it here: HeadsUp feedback


What do YOU want to talk about?

Here at HeadsUp we want to talk about the issues YOU care about. What do you want to talk about next year? Foreign affairs, schools, animal welfare, privacy....? Visit the student zone and cast your vote! (you need to be logged in to vote) voting end 20 July so get in quick....

Teachers Notes

Each forum is supported by comprehensive teachers notes. You can still use the teachers resources even when the forums are over. To view all the teachers notes click here.

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Feedback on your Forums....

What happens after the results of your debates were passed on to the politicians and government ministers?

HeadsOn (the orange bit) is the place to get a hold of all the latest forum feedback and reports.