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Would a £25 gift voucher encourage your students to get (more) involved with HeadsUp and be more engaged with the subjects up for debate? We have created a reward for the HeadsUp user that we judge has been the best poster on each forum. It's not just about the sheer amount of posts but about the quality and creativity of the posts as well as good interaction with other users.

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Contacting the Hansard Society

Any queries, requests for support or reminders of lost/forgotten log-in details should be directed to Beccy Allen, Project Manager at the Hansard Society.

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Alternatively you can phone .

Full details of the Society can be found on the website - www.hansardsociety.org.uk.


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Teachers' Notes

Lesson ideas relating to the current and previous debates.


Student notes for the current and previous debates containing facts, figures, terms and other background information.